“Inside the Spirituality ‘Cult’ Whose Members Allege Sexual and Financial Exploitation”

Mark Wilding writes for VICE on Gudni Gudnason’s Modern Mystery School:

The school describes this network as an “international community of lightworkers, initiated in an ancient tradition of service, compassion and empowerment”. Its critics, including numerous former students, describe it as a cult and a spiritual pyramid scheme, whose members face psychological trauma, spiralling debts and relationship breakdowns.

Over the course of several months I spoke to dozens of current and former students of the Modern Mystery School. Some told me the school’s teachings had radically transformed their lives for the better. Others described bullying and manipulation, and alleged they had been subjected to both financial and sexual exploitation. Many would only talk anonymously, fearing legal reprisals after signing non-disclosure agreements. Others were equally concerned about physical or spiritual consequences. More than one former student warned me I should be wary of psychic attacks in the course of my reporting.

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