Author Craig Chalquist on Lamplight, the religion of his Assembling Terrania Cycle of stories: Even more than readers, writers find themselves astonished by unexpected plot twists. In the story “Ten Lamps,” a mysterious philosopher named Simeon writes down ten cosmic operating principles that work at any scale, even inside us. One of these Lamps declares … Read moreLamplight

“Paganism is a potent force in Ireland’s conservation movement”

Juju Lane writes for Psyche on the curious relationship between eco-activism and the faery faith: It may seem that Paganism has returned to Ireland. But the truth is, it never really went away. What is new about this modern resurgence is that it has become an Indigenous European response to ecological destruction. Paganism in Ireland … Read more“Paganism is a potent force in Ireland’s conservation movement”

“Fictional and Constructed Religions”

Blogger Yvonne Aburrow writes: Constructed religions, whatever their origins, suggest that there is a need not filled by pre-existing religions, and offer new ideas, stories, and rituals. Many of them focus on environmental concerns. Parody religions perform the very important function of preventing religion from taking itself too seriously – but if they are well-constructed, … Read more“Fictional and Constructed Religions”

Sky Meadow: a place to be

I’ve just returned from a three-day Sacred Harvest event at Sky Meadow, an idyllic 115-acre spiritual retreat in the rugged and mountainous Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. The Harvest is a work-stay arrangement, with free accommodation and an organic feast on the final night offered in return for harvest labor – weeding, picking vegetables, stacking wood … Read moreSky Meadow: a place to be

“Searching for a natural high in the mountains of Japan”

VICE’s Fernando Perez has long been fascinated by Shugendo: an ancient Japanese spiritual practice centered on finding enlightenment through nature. The monks who follow it are known to wander through the forests of Japan for months on end, meditate under freezing waterfalls, and stand on the edge of towering cliffs—all in an effort to bring … Read more“Searching for a natural high in the mountains of Japan”

“… a religion of atmosphere instead of faith …”

The first instance of Cultpunk at a generational scale occurred during the late 1960s and ’70s, when utopian counterculturalists – mostly on America’s west coast – began inventing new religions under the neo-Pagan banner. These pioneers notably included Frederick Adams (himself a very early outlier, having founded his goddess-oriented religion during the late 1950s) and … Read more“… a religion of atmosphere instead of faith …”

“… a goddamn druid or something …”

American journalist William Weston – the first foreign reporter to be allowed into the country of Ecotopia (formerly the American region encompassing Northern California, Oregon, and Washington) offers his first impression of Ecotopian religion: This got very exciting. Eyes shining, she leapt out of tub and ran out the door, dripping. I looked after her, … Read more“… a goddamn druid or something …”

“Psychotechnologies for the Age of Collapse”

Writing for Emerge, Euvie Ivanova argues that the present age of compounding crises may be met by new psychotechnologies: Collective Sapience must include and integrate the practices that: a. Restore wholeness of body and mind, a wholeness of selfb. Restore wholeness of self and other, a collective intimacyc. Restore wholeness of self and world, an … Read more“Psychotechnologies for the Age of Collapse”