“American Jedi”

A trailer for the 2017 documentary American Jedi, which is available to stream via various platforms. Here’s an in-depth interview with Jedi Knight and Deacon Alex Bird, explaining his devotion to the philosophy/quasi-religion of Jediism: But your myth doesn’t reach back to any time that’s actually real. That’s true. I mean that it has to speak … Read more“American Jedi”

The W.I.T.C.H. Manifesto (1968)

WITCH is an all-women Everything. It’s theater, revolution, magic, terror, joy, garlic flowers, spells, It’s an awareness that witches and gypsies were the original guerrillas and resistance fighters against oppression—particularly the oppression of women—down through the ages. Witches have always been women who dared to be: groovy, courageous, aggressive, intelligent, nonconformist, explorative, curious, independent, sexually … Read moreThe W.I.T.C.H. Manifesto (1968)

Read this first: “A Cultpunk Manifesto”

We are Cultpunks.  We affirm that belief systems, rituals, symbols, pilgrimages, tenets, holy days, shrines, festivals, taboos, mythologies and pantheons can and should be created as works of art.  If so, then surely any sufficiently advanced magic is likewise indistinguishable from technology, and religions may usefully be considered as psychological technologies.  Just like any other tech, … Read moreRead this first: “A Cultpunk Manifesto”

“Designing Utopia: John Hargrave and the Kibbo Kift” by Cathy Ross and Oliver Bennett 

A fascinating, comprehensive and beautifully illustrated account of the life and work of John Hargrave, founder of the Kibbo Kift Kindred and later among the chief protagonists of the Social Credit movement in England. Exemplifying the virtues and limitations of the early 20th century “self-taught man”, Hargrave was accomplished in a variety of fields and … Read more“Designing Utopia: John Hargrave and the Kibbo Kift” by Cathy Ross and Oliver Bennett 

The Fifth Sacred Thing

A video trailer for a sadly unrealized movie adaptation of Starhawk’s 1993 science fiction novel The Fifth Sacred Thing. The religions of ecotopian Califia (as San Francisco and parts of the Pacific Northwest have been renamed in the story) are mostly projections of contemporary Paganism, contrasted with the ultra-fundamentalist version of Christianity enforced by the … Read moreThe Fifth Sacred Thing

“Turn Your Life into Art: Lessons in Psychomagic from the San Francisco Underground”

Veteran Burning Man philosopher Caveat Magister wrote this memoir/manifesto/manual for would-be psychomagicians, most especially those inspired (more or less directly) by the often clandestine workings of San Francisco’s underground experiential arts scene between the late ’70s and circa 2015. If you’re intrigued by Gary Warne’s Suicide Club, the Cacophony Society, the origins of Burning Man, … Read more“Turn Your Life into Art: Lessons in Psychomagic from the San Francisco Underground”

“Facing Death Without Religion”

An excerpt from Christel Manning’s excellent essay for the Harvard Divinity Bulletin on how nontheists/atheists, freethinkers et al face their own mortality: We often think of science as cold and hard and value neutral. Max Weber famously wrote of how the ascendancy of science over religion in the modern world has led to “disenchantment.” Yet I found that science-based … Read more“Facing Death Without Religion”

A Seraphite Shrine from “The Last of Us, Part 2”

The Last of Us, Part 2 is a brutal, epic video game experience, set in a post-apocalyptic America devastated by a fungal infection that transforms humans into monsters. Death runs rampant throughout the grueling game-play, both as inflicted by and upon many of the characters and in terms of motivating a seemingly endless cycle of vengeance. … Read moreA Seraphite Shrine from “The Last of Us, Part 2”