“Paganism is a potent force in Ireland’s conservation movement”

Juju Lane writes for Psyche on the curious relationship between eco-activism and the faery faith: It may seem that Paganism has returned to Ireland. But the truth is, it never really went away. What is new about this modern resurgence is that it has become an Indigenous European response to ecological destruction. Paganism in Ireland … Read more“Paganism is a potent force in Ireland’s conservation movement”

“Political Analysis Needs More Witchcraft”

Brian Klaas writes for The Atlantic on a perspective foreign to most analysts and pundits: Anthropologists note that nonrational, magical, or superstitious beliefs appear in nearly all human societies, helping to make sense of a world in which individual lives can feel like the playthings of larger, unseen forces or, sometimes, random chance. When, say, … Read more“Political Analysis Needs More Witchcraft”

The New Religion Wiki

The New Religion Wiki is: (…) a free online encyclopedia where contributors edit, converse about religion, philosophy, ethics, or life in general. Since our reformation of 2014 we’ve maintained 139 articles about religions formed by our contributors (along with articles on currently existing new religious movements). Serving as both an encyclopedia and hangout, contributors have … Read moreThe New Religion Wiki

“Lapine Faith: The Importance of the Quasi-Religious Structure in Richard Adams’ Watership Down”

Click here to read Benjamin J. Benefiel’s 1999 honors thesis: This discussion of Richard Adams’ contemporary classic novel Watership Down, a tale of survival for a group of wandering rabbits, analyzes the importance of the quasi-religious structure of the characters within. Through the lapine mythological storytelling tradition, the characters of the novel can understand the … Read more“Lapine Faith: The Importance of the Quasi-Religious Structure in Richard Adams’ Watership Down”

“Fictional and Constructed Religions”

Blogger Yvonne Aburrow writes: Constructed religions, whatever their origins, suggest that there is a need not filled by pre-existing religions, and offer new ideas, stories, and rituals. Many of them focus on environmental concerns. Parody religions perform the very important function of preventing religion from taking itself too seriously – but if they are well-constructed, … Read more“Fictional and Constructed Religions”

“Towards an American Paganism”

YouTuber Ceisiwr Serith proposes the novel concept of a distinctly American Pagan religion: American Pagans aren’t just Pagans who are living in America; they are Pagans who are American. What does this mean? Ancient Pagan cultures were theocracies, but America is a secular nation. How do we reconcile that? The solution is that there is … Read more“Towards an American Paganism”

CHAPEL by [M] Dudeck

CHAPEL by [M] Dudeck/RELIGIONVIRUS September 7-9/2023 at Graffiti Gallery was a three day durational performance. [M] Dudeck, PhD, (born in Winnipeg, 1984) is an artist and cultural engineer who invents their own queer religion as art. Their project, called RELIGIONVIRUS, has been performed, exhibited, screened and published in over thirty countries worldwide. Their work as … Read moreCHAPEL by [M] Dudeck

“Five Books About Invented Religions”

Tor.com’s Ruthanna Emrys has compiled a list of five recommended works of science fiction concerning invented religions: Delve deep enough into linguistics, and eventually you’ll want to try constructed languages, with new vocabularies and grammars that illustrate the principles and limitations of those that occur naturally. Spend enough late nights arguing theology, and you start … Read more“Five Books About Invented Religions”

“Make ‘The Electrical Life of Louis Wain’ Your New Religion”

As suggested on the BackRow.com movie blog: The Electrical Life of Lous Wain conjures the same sort of exhilaration that documentaries Jodorowsky’s Dune and Beauty is Embarrassing bring their viewers; the wildly ecstatic high of one man’s vision striking those around him like a lightning bolt, leaving the permanent marks of what was and will … Read more“Make ‘The Electrical Life of Louis Wain’ Your New Religion”