“Tutorial: How to Create Your Own Religion?”

Rémi Sussan’s 2014 article for Tryangle (here translated from French into English) explores many avenues and possibilities of CultPunk/Poetic Faith:

The creation of mythological pantheons is therefore the first step towards a true DIY religion. But it is very rare to encounter entirely original pantheons, with no link to the past. In general, it is often “recovered material” originating either from traditional religions, or from contemporary imagination, fantastic or contemporary literature.

On this point, there is a strong relationship between the idea of ​​DIY religion and contemporary occultism, as well as with the various “neopagan” cults stemming from Wicca . Indeed, occultists, especially those who claim to be chaos magic (but not only that: long before the birth of the current, the magician Aleister Crowley proceeded in the same way), do not hesitate to adopt a divinity, a religion, a cult, depending on the effects it is supposed to cause. He can invoke Odin on Monday, to acquire “magic power,” Venus on Friday to increase his sex appeal, and Mr. Spock on Wednesday to access his understanding of webgl libraries in javascript .

Chaos magicians are even encouraged to go further: to regularly change their “metaphysical paradigm”. Peter Carroll thus suggests rolling a die at the start of each week and, depending on the result, adopting a theist, atheist, agnostic or purely superstitious position during the days that follow.