“Avatar & Nature Spirituality” (2013)

This scene from the original Avatar (2009) portrays an attempt by protagonist Jake Sully (as his Na’vi avatar) to save the life of his human colleague Grace Augustine through a Na’vi healing ceremony.

Edited by Bron Taylor, the anthology Avatar and Nature Spirituality (2013) offers critical, personal, and spiritual reflections on James Cameron’s blockbuster science fiction epic via essays on the following subjects, among others:

“Becoming the ‘Noble Savage’” (nature religion and the ‘other’ in Avatar)

“The Na’vi as Spiritual Hunters” (a semiotic exploration)

“Calling the Na’vi” (evolutionary Jungian psychology and nature spirits)

“Avatar and Artemis” (indigenous narratives as neo-romantic environmental ethics)

D. L. Barnhill’s “Spirituality and Resistance” (Avatar and Ursula LeGuin’s The Word for World is Forest)

“I See You” (interspecies empathy and Avatar)

“Knowing Pandora in Sound” (acoustemology and ecomusical imagination in Cameron’s Avatar)

“Works of Doubt and Leaps of Faith” (an Augustinian challenge to planetary resilience)

Recommended reading for anyone wishing to delve into the ecospiritual implications of the Avatar universe …

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