“A religion you can dance to”: Deborah Kelly’s Creation project

Australian artist Deborah Kelly describes Creation, a “queer science fiction climate change religion” and an experiment in collaboratively creating religion as a work of art:

CREATION is a new religion, manifesting in spectacle and intimacy. A faith, a gathering of intention and purpose with which to face an era when paid opinion trumps environmental evidence.

CREATION proposes a crowd-sourced belief system teeming with pleasures and possibilities.

CREATION seeks to engage with the dream life of humanity to build ambiguous and beautiful practices of collectivity. It aspires to counter assaults on the biosphere with lateral, joyous, grieving, enraged action. Our era demands preposterous thinking, bold experimentation, leaps and loops and flights of faith.

CREATION is at stake.

Built in collaboration with metropolitan and regional communities and institutions, CREATION encompasses mysteries, performance, visual arts, design, dance, food, music and literature. At each gathering site, artform-specific workshops will be held with local publics. Each workshop series will yield an element of CREATION: a liturgy, parables, a cosmological imaginary, ritual garments, choreography, song, sustenance and ceremony.

CREATION is multi-dimensional and cross-disciplinary, moving across and between contemporary art, politics and ritual. The work will entail moving and static imagery, a transcendent soundscape, intimate encounters for learning and exchange, culminating in collaboratively devised participatory performance events. 

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